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How To Request Quotation For Printing Services

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How To Request Quotation For Printing Services | One Heart Print

We understand, there is always a specific budget in mind for any print project. As part of the process, it is crucial to obtain quotes from reputable printers, which you can compare with. You could save significant time and money by get the right quote from reputable and trusted printing service. Any printing company needs precise information in order to give an accurate quote. It is up to you to know exactly what you want with regard to quantity, type of paper/material, design work and many other aspects. Here is a list of what your printer needs for a quote:

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Contact Details

You need to provide as much information as possible to the printer, beginning with contact details. It includes name, phone number, email address and name of company / organization.

Due Date

A timeframe for any print job is important and should be clearly defined in advance. Give the printer the dates for submissions of artworks as well as the final delivery. One Heart Print highly recommends you to mention if the print job is part of an upcoming event, and if required, set specific time for delivery.

Design Work

Please inform if you need quotation for printing work only or together with the design work. Usually at One Heart Print, the design work is quoted separately, but there are also circumstances where it is quoted together as a package.

Order Details

Order detail is vital to obtain a correct quote. Consider these details when making an enquiry for any printing job:

Quantity –

Clearly specify the number of pieces or units that your require.

Size –

The printer need to know the finished size of the print job. Finished size is the final size after completion of the printing, folding, binding and trimming. You also need to inform the printer of any customised cuts and shapes involved.

Number of Pages –

State the total number of pages including content and cover pages. When submitting enquires for books or booklets printing, it is important to mention the number of cover pages + the number of content pages. If you choose saddle stitch type of binding, your pages must be in the multiplication of 4.

Paper Material –

Let your printer know the types of material (coated or uncoated) that is needed together with the grammage (if you know it specifically). The surface of uncoated paper feels rough and looks natural while coated paper usually feels smooth.

Ink / Colors –

Normal printing jobs uses CMYK color system. Be aware that color results of digitally produced CMYK may differ from CMYK produced by offset lithography method. Also please specify if you need Pantone Matching System (PMS) color which is mostly offered for large volume printing and usually comes at higher cost.

Binding –

Do you need any form of binding for your printing jobs? If so, then you need to specify which type of binding it is.

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