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Roll Up Bunting

Frequently Asked Questions About Roll-Up Bunting

What material are your Roll Up Bunting printed on?

We use synthetic material for our Roll Up Bunting, which is a light, strong and flexible material.

How big is the carry case?

All Roll Up Bunting comes with free padded bag case. Each case is approximately 10cm x 10cm x 90cm.

How heavy are the Roll-Up Buntings?

Standard Roll Up Bunting weighs approximately 2 kilos. Premium Roll Up Bunting weighs about 3.5 kilos

How to assemble?

The metal case has two feet that you need to turn to hold the bunting once it is up. Remove the pole from your case and extend it to the complete length. Make sure your artwork is facing away from you while placing your foot on the metal feet. Pull the bunting until your chest height. Fit the pole into the top bar of the bunting and using the pole, continue extending your bunting to full height. Secure the other end of the pole into the metal casing.

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