Job Application

Digital Marketer

RM24,000 – RM42,000 per annum

Job Duties & Responsibilities

You will be:

  • Responsible for executing email marketing activities in close alignment with the sales team. These can be invitations, follow-ups or registration emails or multi-tiered email campaigns to promote products.
  • Planning and executing the sending of newsletters.
  • Responsible for building and administrating the content needed along with the campaigns, e.g. landing pages, emails.
  • Developing, maintaining and updating website interface, content and promotions.
  • Driving integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns involving tools such as Google AdWords, SEO, SEM, Online Advertisement and remarketing.
  • Responsible for the analysis of the impact of campaigns, mailings and newsletters and the measurement of the impact of leads handed to sales as revenue.
  • Plan and updates product listing on third-party channels.
  • Plan and execute other marketing activities to get exposure to customers and the sales team (e.g. support for trade shows, events).
  • Responsible for customer contact data completeness and accuracy
  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Demonstrated ability with WordPress, HTML and CSS, Adobe CC, Google Analytics, SEO and SEM, website development tools.
  • Able to create content with clear messages and along the ONE HEART PRINT brand guidelines.
  • Excellent organizational skills with ability to handle and prioritize multiple projects.


You are expected to be:

  • Target Driven : over achieving is what gets you out of bed in the morning.
  • Customer Focused : you enjoy speaking to and building relationships with customers.
  • A Strong Communicator : both verbally and written you will be able to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life.
  • Proactive : you are focused on building your pipeline, always looking for opportunities to grow sales.
  • Confident : you believe in your ability to sell a product so you’re confident when speaking to customers.
  • Resilient : you’re not fazed by a difficult prospecting call or losing a quote to competitor. You simply get back up and go again.
  • Organised : You embed a clear structure to your day, allowing to stay productive.

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