Business Card Printing Template

Insert your design in this printing templates.


Safe Zone is where your important elements should be in.
Trim Zone is the product actual size. This is where the trimming will be done.
Extend your design to Bleed Zone to ensure seemles product edge.

Our business card printing template do not contain any designs. They are specific application files which include predefined guide-lines indicating bleed, safe area, and trim lines. This is to ensure your artwork meet our specification requirement. If we detect problems in your artwork you will have to resend your file to us which may cause delay in completing your order. Using our templates correctly will prevent this from occurring.

Be Mindful Of These 3 Things

Bleed Size

  • Bleed Size enables your background design to extend to the edge of your end product.
  • Expand your background design to the edge of Bleed Size.
  • If your background design does not fully fill the Bleed dimension, end product will have a line along the edge.

Trim Size

  • This is the finished size of the end product.
  • Anything left outside this box may be TRIMMED-OFF.
  • Borders are not encouraged as it may appear uneven in the end product due to shifting during the trimming process.

Safe Area

  • Important elements such as text, images, logos, etc. MUST be within this area.
  • Anything outside this box MAY BE TRIMMED-OFF during trimming process.

DO NOT apply any crop marks in your final artwork.

Please remove all guidelines and text description before you send your artwork file to us.

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